Misleading AdsMisleading “Medicare” ads.

Have you seen a lot of ads for Medicare lately, mentioning new benefits and free reviews? There have been thousands of TV commercials lately, that appear to be from Medicare. They are NOT. most of these ads are what are called lead generators. they will take your information and then sell it to agents in your area. Lead generators often sell your information to as many as 15 different agents, which in turn will call you to try and persuade you to change your plan, whether its the right choice or not. They are after a sale.

Traditional Medicare does not advertise on TV. and they have not added new benefits. Medicare Advantage plans are the ones that have additional benefits at no extra cost to you. But, these plans are HMO plans only, in our area at least. When you enroll in these advantage plans, you have assigned your benefits to a private HMO plan. you can no longer see any doctor of our choice. Be vary aware of your options.

Most importantly, once you enroll in an Advantage plan, your opportunity to change back to a Medicare Supplement plan will probably be subject to health underwriting. Meaning, you can be declined! Call us if you have any questions regarding these misleading ads and exactly what they mean.